I find myself in an open space, away from the lights, the noise of our world. Beneath a night sky filled with stars, I look up.
I look up beneath the canopy of our universe. A silver thread stretches out before me and disappears among the stars. I feel my feet loosen from the ground, unaware of the weight that secures me. For I am tethered. Tethered to the soil, the air, the water, the breath, the life. Tethered to you.
— Ryon Holmedal
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Tethers centers around the uniqueness of our human experience in this unimaginably large universe. While questioning the human propensity to look up and out, the lens tightens to the “commonality of humanness”. The threads of the soul that connect us: love, loss, desire, imagination, longing, curiosity, failure, triumph and ultimately all undergirded by hope and significance. Written and produced by Ryon Holmedal and RAAHH Productions.


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